Location per matrimoni in Veneto

Wedding locations in Veneto

A wonderful location for a wedding that is a little different, yet expresses elegance and beauty is Villa Cristofoletti Storti de Rienzo near Treviso Italy.

Wedding locations in Veneto Italy
Wedding locations in Veneto Italy

The Villa is a typical example of a late 18th-century manor house.

The complex, located in the lower Treviso countryside bordering on the countryside east of Venice, is very close to the beaches of the Veneto coastline. The Cristoforetti Storti de Rienzo family, who inherited it, has always used it as a holiday resort; it is a much-loved place that exudes the charm of yesteryear.

The house has great versatility in its various outdoor and indoor spaces: the Brolo in front of the house, which can also be reached by water along the small river Brian, is connected to the nearby lagoon of Venice; the courtyard is enclosed on four sides and surrounded by partly 17th- and partly late 18th-century buildings, adorned with beautiful old roses and wisteria plants, and is perfectly suited for elegant yet not overly formal receptions; the large park with traditional plants and essences can also be used for symbolic ceremonies with classical music accompaniment. The versatility and variety of the venue offers various possibilities for arrangements, from the simplest to the most elegant.