Elena Merendelli artistic ceramic works in Tuscany

Elena Merendelli ceramic artist in Anghiari

Elena Merendelli and her ceramic works in Anghiari Tuscany

Elena Merendelli ceramic Anghiari
Elena Merendelli ceramic Anghiari

Elena Merendelli was born in Anghiari. From an early age she manifested an irresistible passion for drawing and all forms of art. After the Art Institute, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She currently lives and works in Anghiari; her workshop is located in front of the Pieve di Sovara, a sacred building from the 10th 11th century, two kilometers from the town.

In this evocative space, he creates and exhibits his works; among these of particular note are the terracotta sculptures and paintings on antique panels. He restores to new life pieces lost to history. She also generates designs, which are discussed with the client, such as tromp-l'oeil and paintings on all kinds of materials. Her subjects are female figures, motherhood, details of Tuscan landscapes, birds.

Elena's terracotta works can be a wonderful and perfect idea for wedding favors, centerpieces, place cards, welcome gifts for guests and so on. For a wedding in the untouched valleys of the Upper Tiber Valley choosing to create a line, such as the ceramic birds will be that touch that will distinguish your wedding!