Sposarsi nel Borgo più bello d'Italia, Anghiari

Elegance within the walls: Getting Married in Anghiari, Italy's Most Beautiful Village

Nestled among the gentle hills stretching between Tuscany and Umbria, like a jewel set in the verdant heart of Italy, lies Anghiari, a village steeped in millennia of history and timeless charm.

Getting married in Italy's most beautiful village Anghiari
Getting married in Italy's most beautiful village Anghiari

Famous for the memorable battle of 1440, fought fervently between the powerful city-states of Florence and Milan in the plain below, Anghiari has experienced the echoes of conflicts and the grandeur of the Renaissance, leaving an indelible imprint on its architecture and community spirit.

Dominating from its privileged position on a promontory, Anghiari welcomes visitors with a labyrinth of narrow, winding streets, flanked by ancient stone palaces and enriched by imposing churches steeped in art. Its pedestrian alleys tell stories of lived lives and dreams woven over the centuries, while the scent of the past mixes with the warmth of Tuscan hospitality.

But there is more behind the enchantment of Anghiari: it is the village that has captured the imagination of Americans, who have crowned it as the most beautiful in Italy, according to the US magazine "Travel+Leisure."

A declaration of love that reverberates across oceans. For them, Anghiari represents the essence of Italian beauty and authenticity, a refuge from the frenzy of modernity, where time seems to flow more slowly and every corner holds a surprise.

And in this treasury of history and beauty, we offer a unique service: organizing weddings in Tuscany in Anghiari. Allow yourself the luxury of pronouncing your vows of love in a fairy-tale setting, among ancient walls and frescoes that have witnessed centuries of passions and hopes. With us, every detail will be taken care of with attention and dedication because your special day deserves to be unforgettable, just like Anghiari.